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Crestron Technology Solutions

As part of our commitment to overseeing all of your business’s technology needs, Bizco has partnered with Crestron to deliver and support the latest audiovisual (AV) technology. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the Crestron technology solutions we offer to streamline your day-to-day workflows.

Unified Communication (UC) Systems

Crestron’s Mercury solution delivers the only integrated unified communications (UC) and audio/visual platform on the market today. By supporting any web collaboration applications your team already uses, you can have all of your communication tools available at your fingertips. From conference rooms to collaboration spaces, Crestron Mercury empowers your team to take productivity to new levels with built-in features such as:

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) integration
  • Room scheduling
  • One-touch joins
  • Bluetooth audio pairing
  • Wireless presentations
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Usage data and automation

No matter the size, scope, or budget of your collaboration initiatives, Bizco can work with you to develop a solution that aligns with your broader business goals.

Touch Screen Automation

Crestron’s touch screen offerings allow your team to control anything from a single room to an entire facility from one centralized point. An elegant design and an intuitive interface allow your team to access critical facility data and controls without missing a beat. Facility controls integrate seamlessly with your building automation controls. From controlling lights to presentations, Crestron’s touch screen system can handle all of your needs.

Digital Signal Management

Crestron’s digital signal processors represent the latest in conferencing interface technology. Leveraging industry-leading components with a team of audio experts, Crestron’s signal management solutions deliver crystal-clear sound quality with interfaces that are easy to use. Crestron’s equipment is ready to go out of the box, so your team can access crucial tools right away. With integrated converters, preamps, and line amps, your conferences and presentations will sound better than ever before, so your messages are heard loud and clear.

IT Support for Omaha Businesses

At Bizco, we strive to be your single source for all of your organization’s technology needs. From hybrid cloud platforms to sound-masking solutions, our team specializes in delivering the technology your team needs for long-term success. When you get in touch with us, we’ll start exploring how much more your technology system can do to drive business growth at every level while preparing you for the challenges of tomorrow.

No matter how your team uses technology, we’ll help you pinpoint opportunities for growth, improved productivity, and streamlined workflows. As a vendor-agnostic IT provider, we’ve partnered with Crestron because it’s the best at what it does. Partner with Bizco if you’d like to remain the best at what you do. Contact our experts today, and we’ll turn your ideas into a reality for your business.